Video 3Digests Video cards: In this mode the scanner first makes a preview, then implements calibration and then scans, the carriage moving forth and back time and again. This picture of a pair of Monarch butterflies in a fir tree was captured with a mm lens and flash illumination, and resulted in a rather underexposed color negative. I have an Acer Scanwit and two s. My Catawiki Sign in Register for free. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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Create a free account. You’ll need to sign in or register for free before bidding. I’ve owned the 2740e and s and they are very good scanners though the max. You can no longer place any bids on this lot.

Acer ScanWit 2740S – film scanner (35 mm) Series

If, for example, an image is formed not by dyes but by silver crystals, the scanner worsens the image. Contact our Customer Support. Thank you for bidding on Catawiki! In order to prove that the slides are really old there is also a photo of the same church shot 20 years later with a digital camera.

ACER/BENQ ScanWit S film scanner – negative and slide scanner – Catawiki

It makes the contrast of separate details sharper. If we look at the parts of the chart which the scanner is unable to show at a strong enlargement, then it will be a set of pixels slightly different in frequency for light and dark stripes.


Our system will then keep on bidding for you, by the scer possible increase each time, until your maximum price is reached. Todo correcto, envio muy rapido. I have already examined the Acer ScanWit film scanner.

Acer Scanwit 2720S Question

For the Macintosh platform the Acer driver is MiraScan, a Photoshop plug-in, which has a parallel set of tools with MiraFoto, but with the advantage of a larger, scalable preview window that is interactive with the tool adjustments.

What Are the 3 Best Lenses for Boudoir How do automatic bids work?

Before you can start bidding, we need some additional information. There is a Yahoo!

It may seem that the work the scanner implements can be done in a graphics editor. Many times better than those well-known upright little scanners from the grocery store or drug store.

The image reproduction quality is assured by an unusual straight-through optical design that eliminates reflections and enhances definition. The today’s model looks similar to its predecessor except only the ICE mark. Een heel betrouwbare verkoper: The two film holders are rugged, well designed units. I have been using an old Epson Perfection flatbed with film attachment that I jerryrigged for 35 mm, film and even 4 X 5 film.


Conclusion The Acer ScanWit s scanner is similar to its older brother -but it has wider possibilities in processing of old damaged films. View all 25 reviews.

BioShock Infinite and Metro: Yi M1 Mirrorless Camera Review.

Acer ScanWit s Film Scanner | eBay

The driver software is quite comprehensive, offering both fully automated image adjustment and a full complement of manual image quality adjustment tools. If you just scan an image and try to remove scratches on a program level, the result will be worse.

Offer up for auction Selling at auction Photo tips Seller policy. Many black-and-white negatives have much higher density in shades, that is why if you want to see details in dark parts of the film, you will have to resort to chemical treatment, for example, in the Farmer’s reducer. This mode allows retouching scratches and dust on a film.

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This was easily remedied, and I got to work with no further difficulties.