An video codec is a program used to capture digital video files. This property can also refer to API calls that process websites to extract the structure data. Examples of devices that support this property are the Nexus One and Blackberry Curve. For devices such as tablets or TV which are predominantly used in landscape mode, the pixel height will be the smaller value compared to the pixel width. Indicates the types of SIM cards the device can support. It runs on a Smart Operating System i. If the device doesn’t support any SIM card then a value of ‘0’ is returned.

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This property can also refer to API calls that process websites to extract the structure data. The list of properties and descriptions explain how to use the available device data.

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j990 Indicates if the device can make and receive phone calls, has a screen size greater than or equal to 2. This property includes support for both transform and transform-origin properties. If the device supports phone calls, the SMS value is also returned.

Apple devices detected through JavascriptHardwareProfile that do not uniquely identify a device will also return true, and HardwareModelVariants will return a list of model numbers associated with that device group. Indicates the list of input and output communications the device can support, for example 3.

Property Dictionary Legend Indicates the data vg version or cloud service the property and values are contained within. Indicates the age in months of the device since the ReleaseYear and ReleaseMonth.


Indicates the model name or number used primarily by the hardware vendor to identify the device, e. Indicates the data set version or cloud service the property and values are contained within.

Assumes the actual aoris DPI is being used. The month in which further development for the platform version is stopped by the platform vendor.

This property may be not applicable for devices without sensors, such as most feature phones and media hubs. This property refers to the total capacity, not the space available for the user after the operating system has been installed. Indicates if the browser supports SVG scalable vector graphicsuseful for 2D animations and applications where all airks within the SVG can be accessed via the DOM and can have assigned event listener elements.

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All platforms are ordered by the number of events associated with that platform that occurred in the sampling period. Ensures the button is touchable on a touch screen and not too large on a non-touch screen. Indicates if n9900 browser supports simple dialogues window. Indicates if the device is primarily advertised as a tablet, or if the device is primarily advertised as a phablet and has a screen size equal to or greater than 7 inches.

Indicates if the browser supports the CSS ‘min-width’ and ‘max-width’ element. Indicates if the browser supports 2D transformations in CSS3 including rotating, scaling, etc. This property does not indicate if the device is a mobile phone or not.

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Indicates if airks browser supports Viewport, to give control over view for different screen sizes and resolutions of devices accessing a website. Refers to the ‘Device’ value returned for Android Google Play native applications, when the android.

Indicates all model numbers used by the hardware vendor to identify the device.

Many mobile browsers, by default, come with an operating system OS. The values of this property are the codec’s common name. This property is not applicable for desktops, media hubs, TVs and consoles.

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The device with the aiiris events is ranked 1, the second 2 and so on. Indicates if the browser can draw CSS images into a Canvas. Indicates a browser that does not correctly identify the physical hardware device and instead reports an emulated device. Refers to the list of video codecs supported for encoding by a Chipset.

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Indicates if the browser supports overflowing of clipped blocks. Devices n99 support voice calls do not necessarily support phone calls. If the device type is EReader then the device is not classified as a tablet. Indicates the number of frames per second the television can display in Hertz.