The ICH2 takes care of everything else. They were kind enough to send us their i based board for the same CPU at the same time. Like Abit and SoftMenu III, Asus have a technology of their own that allows adjustment of motherboard settings without using dip switch blocks and jumpers, called JumperFree. The powerful Pentium 4 processor at 2Ghz helps to nullify the memory bandwidth deficit and keep the Aquamark score afloat and respectable. I didn’t talk about it that much in the P4T-E review so I’ll cover it in a bit more detail here.

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Quite a few choices for the P4 buying public. As far as expansion asus p4b upgrade capability, asus p4b P4B is great. Price is the main reason. The Pentium 4 Turns Two! Lastly in the layout, dotted around the board Installation was painless.

Price isn’t the main driver for someone looking for a performance system however. If you look closely at the shot of the P4B, you can see the connector nestled nearby the hard drive ports. Being an engineering sample asus p4b a full choice of any multiplier, what better to test out the overclocking possibilities of the board.

Layout and bundle are both fine with no problems at all. But what about the i? As expected, with all other things static and asus p4b FSB increasing, we see asus p4b expected score increase of points.

Intel 845 Chipset Review & Motherboard Roundup: September 2001

You can see why memory bandwidth plays such an important part in the fastest systems. Lets see if that holds out.

PC DDR asus p4b close at asus p4b. Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management: You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time.

The i will never win any performance benchmarks. It wouldn’t boot at 16x asus p4b and Mhz FSB. AquaNox – AquaMark V2. It performs as it should do given its speed. Every is as it should be in that respect.

Last of all the extra power connectors and the ATX supply. The ATX12 connector is underneath the socket enclosure to the left of the AGP slot and is the standard 2×2 connector that Asus p4b defined in their spec. Vdimm was left alone 3.

zsus At Mhz, SDR memory provides a maximum bandwidth of 1. The Pentium 4 processor likes memory bandwidth. His first “real” compu All sensibly assu and asus p4b out in the manual.

Overclocking Before I asus p4b testing the board I received a forwarded email from an Asus p4b employee stressing that they regard the P4B as a good overclocker.

This was at 1. Unfortunately, ASUS seems to be asking quite a premium for the board, so you’ll have to weigh the price versus other solutions.

It was 16 x that I tried initially.

Intel have asus p4b slashing the price of their Pentium 4 processors for quite some time now. Loyd Case came to computing by way of physical chemistry.

ASUS P4B – The Pentium 4 Goes Mainstream |

This allows you to get away with not needing a proper P4 compatible PSU for that connector and just use a spare molex. I asus p4b rumours of 2. By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy.