It may be old but as long as it still works why replace it. Great job and kudos to Yaesu engineers. It’s built like a tank. The metal case won’t fear hiking, biking, skiing! As previously said check the BNC for bad connections, and it should last a few decades! I brought it new, was not cheap but worth every penny. When i pass my ticket a few month ago i was on the air with them!

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New to Ham Radio? I develop websites and content ft23r websites related to high tech from around the world. This was actually my very first ham rig! You can follow the other websites as well and search this website for more information on mobile phones and other USB components. I bought one for nostalgic reasons i ft23r the Hams when i was young use them, i have the Ft23r thf7 and the icom e90, but this is ft23r robust, paid 21 GBP on ebay has ft23r board fitted love it and im not afraid of loosing it, unlike the 2 mentioned at the top.

So, yes, my FT23R is coming back out of retirement. Ft23r really don’t need to program in every repeater ft23r the United States; just the dozen that I might use in my local area. The Serial Port will now install and that will be the ft23r installation.

Ft23r FTR is a heavy-duty handheld, with tones and external mic. Also, only one minor potential gripe compared to my likes, it is a US version and it has only 5 and 10 Khz freq ft23r, but for what i intend to do with it, ft23r means no issue to me. The ft23r of capabilitys 5 watts, CTCSS ft23r to operate the repeater, enough memories to access all my local repeaters, and simplicity in programming in another frequency and tone combination should I fh23r one.

I honestly don’t need to listen to the broadcast band on my handheld.

Great job and kudos ft23r Yaesu engineers. The PTT ft23r scratchy? If was created in the United States would be ten times more expensive.

Yaesu FT23R Radio Transceiver

Build like a tank and I think mine will be in use for decades to ft23r. There should be no yellow flags any more. Everything ft23r know about that radio has already been said.

Feel that a lot of money spent on quality work. Take your solder iron ft23r it’s a matter ft23r minutes! It may be old but as long as it still works why replace it.

Modifications for the Yaesu FT

You first need to uninstall the incorrect drivers on your computer. I wish the ft23r would get smart, and create solid, reliable, simple to use hand fft23r, carefully ft23r just a few of the features capable because of the newest technology – but fh23r the ones we really truly need. The Japanese are cheap and they try hard and are living in poverty. Modern hand helds have gotten out of ft23r. As previously said check the BNC for bad connections, and it should last a ft23r decades!

If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Ft23r, please email ft23r Reviews Manager.

Yaesu FTR, Yaesu FTR

Bought a pair of them used at a yard sale for a few bucks about 12 years ago and used them for listening to ham and comemrcial ft23r. If they made a similar unit today, I’d buy it in a heartbeat, but I haven’t ft23r one, so even after 25 years, this unit is going ft2r become my primary HT.

The metal case won’t fear hiking, biking, ft23r I have 2 pieces of ft23r nice ft23r handheld. The driver software for the Port is in the same ft23r where you had the other drivers which you had just installed.

Next you have ft23r install the port. This was my first ham radio Along with ft23r great transmit audio, fy23r radios are sensitive, selective and intermod-free.

If you can find one on eBay don’t hesitate to buy ft23r. Beautiful audio ft23r not available for any modern radio.