Uninstalled VMC, Ran the patch, reinstalled, and just to prove a point, I’m currently logged on via 3g, and posting this message. Every time I try, I get the same message from windows “the driver did not install correctly”. Start your pc, connect your USB modem and open Hyperterminal. Option 2 – Model: Enter your search terms Submit search form. If the Microsoft Registration Key is missing, the key has to be added manually. The USB dongle is flashing blue to show its got 3g signal, so there should be signal to connect.

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Unlocking Instructions for Huawei E172

Microsoft cannot guarantee that these problems can be solved. Type the following command: I am going to have a word with an expert in this area and get back to you on huawei e172 thread as soon as I can. Home Huawei Huawei E Search and delete information files for huawei e172 unit from the system. To search for the relevant driver files use the following criteria: Huawei e172 on the Send User Command button.

RAS error code It might be worth checking to make sure the E is up to date: E APN Settings Huawei e172 entering the unlocking code, you may need to change the Access Point or APN settings on your dongle software to allow the device to connect to your new network provider.

I’ve seen quite a few posts of people getting it working with 64 bit though, so I still have hopes it may work. I’ve sent your latest msinfo through to our data huawei e172, along with details of everything you’ve tried so far.

I have tried again all week, trying e1722 tip and trick on the web, and I’m no closer to getting this working. Model Huawei e172 Select Model.

Thanks again for looking into this. I’ve contacted one of our device specialists with a proposed work around as I would like to make sure the information I’m giving you is correct. Cant get my E working yuawei windows 7 – run out of things to try. I have the exact same problem as the original poster, only my modem is huawei e172 K I will post up some screenshots of what I am experiencing.

You need huawei e172 enter these settings into the Huawei e172 software on your PC. Huswei are a direct source and not a third party provider for all your unlocking needs.

Open Windows Hyperterminal 2. Uninstalled VMC, Ran the patch, reinstalled, and just to prove a point, I’m huawei e172 logged on via 3g, and posting this message. Could huawei e172 send another log with the device plugged in.

Do not have the modem attached huawei e172 you do this. I cannot thank you enough. So by my rough math S9 Wifi calling option missing from settings.


After about 4 hours of manually setting permissions huawei e172 every single key yes, there were around of them and deleting them all. I can reinstall windows as a final last huawej, but I’d like huawei e172 not have to do it if I can get away with it.

Unlocked R now not finding network. Click on the Check for Modems button and wait for a response.

Download Huawei E Dashboard (Mac) | Download Free Usb Modem Software Files

I’m no closer to getting this sorted I’m afraid. I have followed your instructions to huawei e172 letter and added huawei e172 few steps here and there. I’ve attached my msinfo again one last time. Option 2 – Model: