I asked for a download page URL, as it’s not listed on their driver downloads page for the SiL Here is the link to the download page for the firmware. I added links to the delta and combo No crc errors to be found with usb2. Cloning, booting copying etc happens quite a bit faster than Sthe speed increase is z substantial. I hope it will stay that way. Perhaps it’s early versions of the MBP that have trouble, as most other people seem to be fine.

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After having installed the windows driver see http: I have traced one issue in part to journaling – i.

I haven’t seen overheating, but I do remember seeing that post here previously from a user of a different card. Of course you could sil3132 mac os x a clone bootable via the onboard interfaces also Firewire for instance. Sil mac os x could make the improvements with out changing the look.

sil3132 esata pci card

I hope some future update OS X or otherwise can fix that, but I’m not holding my breath. I have no relation to any of these companies other than being a satisfied customer. Tested the MD5 file in all 10 locations and guess what I may mirror at some sip3132, but have no need yet, and frankly, am just not that brave yet with this sil3132 mac os x as it concerns my data.


Apple should really improve express card slot interface to hold card in slot more firmly. Other than the kernel panic when “hot pulling” the card, it works well.

Well Update? on Sil driver – Apple Community

Since sil3132 mac os x Mac Pro cannot boot the 64 bit kernel anyway, it’s maf issue for me. See later post above. The above results were with an OS X On a previous MacBook Pro, this did not happen.

Hopefully the unibody models are a little better at heat dissipation, but I don’t expect them to be immune either. Friday’s news had tip sil3132 mac os x trying Sil3132 mac os x drivers. This past weekend he wrote they have posted a firmware update on a different page no updaters for Mac OS listed there that I see though: Just for the record I asked him for sil312 on his ext.

A new drive formatted from an amc mac should default to GUID. There have been 3 kernel panics which had to be remedied by holding the power button down for six seconds. The drives are configured in a striped RAID set.

sil eSATA PCIe card in Mavericks | MacRumors Forums

sil332 But he later wrote with a fix I figured it out. I also used psync to backup my boot mzc. I boot off the rotational drive, but my home directory and all my files are on the SSD. So, looks like that’s the driver you need if you have 4 Gigs of Ram and are running I used the latest version of SuperDuper!

Recent Drivers  LEXMARK C532 PS3 DRIVER

IIRC it did not support port multiplier cases either. That’s one reason to sil3132 mac os x a 32bit kernel and you can still use 64bit apps.


I also did a disk utility erase and partition to create one partition and it failed again. So, I’m pretty happy with it. Posted March 2, More Read full answer.

Later while testing the files it became unresponsive again, made the system hang, I turned the drive off after 10 minutes which resulted in the drive failing to even mount.

If I had the card inserted and then power sil3132 mac os x the enclosure, I would get a kernel panic.