I bought this unit to enter into the world of digital recording. I couldn’t begin to pick a best feature with what little knowledge I have of digital recording. With the ability to record up to 8 tracks simultaneously, it’s easy to capture a live band or even a complete drum kit. But it’s a lot of fun so I don’t mind at all. They ‘cleaned the jacks’ and sent it back.

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The R16 also features the same built-in zkom condenser microphones found on an H4 for convenient “sketch-pad” capturing of ideas or rehearsals. In Elements, the audio records fine: The early days were a time where catalogs didn’t have much of a presence in the industry, but what began as a college dorm room operation grew rapidly.

I was able to setup up the my DAW PreSonus Studio One 2 with the R8 as both an audio contoller and audio interface after following the steps I outlined before and selecting a Mackie Control style option as describe in http: The system is slightly quirky as far as startup, and one should only use the first unit as a controller, as they tend to argue over which channels to control.

Applies to new items only. Use the R16’s built-in effects as you lay down tracks on your wjndows. I just installed a bootleg copy of Cubase Elements 7 just to see what would happen.

There’s really not one feature that stands out in my mind besides the recording quality this unit has. No matter what cool new features they have, it’s not worth the hassle of dealing with drivers and other problems as the product vendors and the OS provider get them worked out.

No problem because the R16 is also a digital audio interface featuring either 8×2 at I pitched the Cubase disc as I use Reaper.

Supposing a problem arises, we have to solve and will release the new driver. AmS made it affordable to get the gear I need. Changing from 44Khz to 96Khz, same as several of you.

You can even have respective SD cards dedicated to specific recording sessions. I there any word on when updated drivers will be available? I’ll think I’ll stay on the bench With the Zoom R16, versatility, control and comprehensive features come together in a single device that puts the power to produce professional recordings right at your fingertips.

So, when you’re ready windoes mix, the R16 is right there with you.

Zoom R16 Multitrack SD Recorder Controller and Interface

Sent it in for repair. I’d record to the sd card – then later import it to cubase I always got some weird driver update error. Thanks for your reply and you were correct in your assumption about the reinstall.

Out of box straight to rehearsal.

In wincows new blank sonar project, the audio now records fine. If you select this, it will rerun the setup and setup will succeed with a window popping up that asks if it indeed suceeded.

I’ve had it 28 days.

I took a break from DAW to back to simple recording. The manual was very good on most topics and I’m zoo learning as I go. I started recording with the R16 immediately but it took me a while to learn how use the other functions. See all items from Zoom. I have project I want to record in a few days and I will let y’all know my experience with Windows 8 and the current drivers.

Red Lake Falls, Minnesota Status: I really like being able to transfer the tracks to my pc and mix them with a daw.

Windows 10, Zoom R16 Nightmares

There is a forum too. It does just as good with vocals, too. Missouri – USA Status: